Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finding My Way Off Of The Couch . . .

As you may have noticed I have not blogged since Friday.  That is because I have been sick since Saturday evening.  And today is the first day I am finally feeling better.  It started with a sore throat that I brushed off to allergies which progressed pretty quickly to a full blown bad cold with a fever that has kept me couch bound with my puff's plus tissues for the past four days.  

In other news Rocky had surgery his neutering surgery yesterday so we are both resting.  Although I seem to be wanting to rest more than him.  He is of course bouncing back much more quickly than me!

I have not painted in almost 2 weeks which always makes me nervous.  You know, like I will never want to do it again.  Silly girl.  But I did manage to play with some iphoneography which I have to share with you today.   

The above image started out as this . . . 

I put it into Snapseed, one of my fav iphone photo apps and love the result.  Cool makeover that I hope you enjoy!

Hope you are all well!!  I have missed visiting all of you!  I will make my way around soon!



  1. Love how you changed the photo into a piece of art. As for being ill, I'm sorry that you were so down and out. As for the not creating art -- I'm glad you weren't forcing yourself and listened to your body. Being a couch potato gets such a bad rap!!! xo

  2. Your phot is lovely both ways, but I do like the rosy sepia tone of the processed image. So sorry you aren't't feeling well. Hope recovery is just around the corner! ;->

  3. Booooo to colds and fevers!! :-( I'm glad you...and Rocky...are bouncing back now!