Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Say Hello To Rocky !

It has taken me 3 days to put up this post! Mostly because I have been at the mercy of one little pup named Rocky. Our Newport trip was a bust unfortunately and we ended up coming home the very next day. The short of it was that we had serious issues with the cleanliness of the hotel and decided to leave. We were both so very disappointed and bummed out about it but made the best of the rest of the weekend home her in NY. And we were able to bring this little guy home earlier than planned.

We picked him up on Monday and I have hardly slept since and not from sheer excitement either. This poor pup has skin issues and has been scratching the daylights out of himself for the past 3 days. A trip to the vet and its precautionary meds, benadryl, and antibiotics to prevent an infection. It has been very overwhelming to say the least. The vet visit alone pushed me to tears and brought a flood of emotions back about losing Bosco. Lou and I are both exhausted from no sleep staying up all night with this 15 week old pup who is not sleeping.

I am feeling weird and disconnected from the new guy. I am hoping that will go away at some point.

Needless to say I have not had any time to create, no photography or painting to be seen. I miss it. But I did manage to find time to get a little video of Rocky and thought it would be fun to share it with all of you! Of course I will be posting some pics of him very soon along with some backstory as to how this all came about.

I will be sure to visit all of you soon! Can't wait to see what you have been up to!


  1. Oh Cathy, Rocky is just darling. He will grow on you in no time at all. There are a lot of responsibilities on having family pet members and whats going on right now with Rocky is one of them. With your care and love, he will be fine in no time at all. He already looks like he is loving it at home with you both. Don't worry Cathy, you'll soon love Rocky so much your heart will ache. You'll always have memories of Bosco and always love him but you did the right thing. You moved on! You go Girl!!!

  2. i'm in love with rocky!
    congrats, cathy!! xox

  3. Cathy, he is just the cutest little pup - a real handsome guy. You will fall in love very soon once the worry of his skin condition passes, I'm sure.
    Denise xx

  4. Dear Cathy, Rocky is beautiful! He was worth the wait. Congratulations! :) Hope you post some pics of him later on.
    He'll make a wonderful companion, I'm sure.
    P.S. you might like the poem I posted on my blog, especially for this month.

  5. Cathy, he's adorable. Having a 16 week old pup is like having a new baby in the house. Bear with him; he'll have your heart snagged soon. And skin issues/allergies may just be part of his makeup. My Kobi has allergies. We've been through lots ... trying new food, taking Temperil-P for quite some time, changing his food, and most recently, even though it adds to maintenance, I've discovered if I wash his paws several nights a week, he does a lot better. But, now he's off the meds. You'll find the magic combination. Be patient. It's worth it. ~laf

  6. Oh, what a sweetie! I hope he will be feeling better soon. I'm sure you and Rocky will be best buds in no time. Sending love to you and your new addition♥

  7. Oh Cathy, he is adorable, and you will bond with him. A pet's love is so special--they never judge us or care what we do or how we act--they just love us unconditionally. And little Rocky already seems to be attached to you 2--I love how he keeps looking at you while your filming him.
    I didn't know Bosco, but I'm sure that we would have welcomed this little guy.

  8. Rocky is adorable!!! Congrats!
    As for the clean issues in hotels, I know what you mean. It can ruin a weekend for sure!

  9. hahahaha, looks like Rocky is the boss already.
    He is adorbs!
    I have a Rocky too.
    It isn't easy with a new pup in the house, but it does and will get better. Enjoy him, even the stressful times...

  10. Oh he is just the cute cute CUTEST and I'm sure he will grow on you! I can't wait to read how this all came about my dear.

    That is a big bummer that he has skin issues, my dog has skin issues as well but I cant stress enough how helpful a skin allergy test is. I found out my dog is allergic to darn near everything but I have been able to maintain a tolerable environment for him as well as got him on a specific dog food that contains nothing he is allergic to. Has been a super big help and the non stop itching and licking and tearing his skin apart has stopped. I hope your little guy doesn't have allergies and that is just something simple like dry skin. :-)

    He is just too cute!

  11. Congratulations on your "new arrival". He is soooo cute. My dog passed away a few years back and part of me wants to get another one ..the other part doesn't want one!! After seeing your beautiful puppy, well, it makes my heart ache for one. By the time you read've already bonded with this little guy!