Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Fall

It has been a rough week with the new pup. I have been neglecting this blog as well as myself. No art time at all. Boy do I miss it! But I thought I would pop in and share this fall beauty for today. I took this pic last fall at the Bronx Zoo.

Here in NY the weather is beautiful this weekend and our foliage colors look as though they are at their peak. It is my favorite time of year. Oh how I wish it lasted longer.

Hope wherever you are you enjoy a lovely weekend!!


  1. Beautiful photo! Our color is almost past it's peak; rain, then we had frost last night that made everything beautiful.
    So want to be out enjoying it....
    And I have spent a week *bird-sitting* until two stubborn little birds quit acting like teenagers and learn to get along...omg... ((O_○))
    I feel your pain. ♥


  2. Gorgeous photo!!
    Puppies can be a handful! I'm sure you'll be back at it in no time! Have fun with the baby!

  3. Love the pic. serene.

    I will be in NYC for a couple of days in December for a wedding. Got any "have to shop" funky/collectables/stuff type stores to recommend?? Any street addresses I should check out??

  4. Cathy, I am missing you! I hope things turn out ok with the pup and that you can create a bit more too. The photo is fab!

  5. What an amazing photo!! Hope to see some more photos of that cute puppy of yours.

  6. Puppies really are just like babies--but all that love you get back--it will be worth it.
    This photo is exceptional Cathy--We've had better Falls than this year, but when you get days like this.....beautiful