Thursday, April 21, 2011

WIP . . . Inspired By Wordless Wednesday

Today I dragged out my standing easel. I was disturbed at the fact that it took me so long to figure out how to open it up and get it standing! It was dusty! I had been using my table top easel but it is hurting my back because I like to stand. After many minutes of putting together the easel I was able to get some paint on my latest canvas.

I was inspired with the photo I shared yesterday of the candle so this is where I am at for now. I am painting a candle with 2 votives which may end up containing some mini flowers! Not sure yet. I am going monochrome with this one and chose the color I used in my last still life from the vase.

Below is one layer prior. . .

It feels good to try and enjoy the process and just get some paint moving again! I really want to make the effort to paint more. I am realizing that I just need to practice and forget about the product! And the more I paint I am seeing the benefit of layers! It even feels better under my brushes to paint over a few layers of color. And of course I am a bit frustrated with my inability to get good photos of it.

Hope to finish it soon and not obsess too much! lol Yeah right! :)


  1. Yeah right on the not obsessing too much!!! lol!! You are who you are Cathy!! And there's nothing wrong with that at all!!! I like how this is starting to work up...the monochrome is a great choice!

  2. Candle painting is looking good, I like the softness of the monochrome, it's very calm.

    . . . . obsessing. . . . is that a bad thing? LOL.

  3. Beautiful so far . . . it does feel good to get paint on the canvas! Keep that easel out girlie . . . it will be a constant source of inspiration!
    Love, Donna

  4. Loving the colours that you are using! Thank you for the lovely comment on my vanished blog post! :)

  5. oh wow Cathy!!!! this is looking good!!! can't wait to see it all finished....wonderful work and I wish you a Happy Good Friday!!!

  6. I love that you're just painting and not over-thinking--this is the best way!! And sometimes it's hard to do that--go with the flow--can't wait to see where it takes you.

  7. Hi Cathy, This is looking great. Love the color you have chosen, very pretty. I am looking forward to seeing it finished.