Friday, April 8, 2011

Textured Photography . . . My New Addiction!

I got totally sidetracked today from painting. I happened to find Kim Klassen's website and watched some tutorials on adding texture to your photos via photoshop elements which is a program I have had for months. I haven't used it because I couldn't figure it out! lol She shares all the how to's in her video "Textures in Ten" which I highly recommend if you are interested in this technique. It was so much easier than I could have imagined! And she provided free textures she designed!

For my above image of the Chrysler Building and the one below of the Brooklyn Bridge I used the same texture. I thought it went well with the urban feel of these photos. I love how distressed they look! The brooklyn bridge was also altered to an antique tone as well.

The photo below that I took in Newport at a horse farm was altered using 2 separate textures with some yellows and browns to them. And I love the distressed look in that photo as well.

This was alot of fun! I like altering my photos with sandpaper and ink for my paintings but this was way cool being able to distress them with texture digitally! I think I have found a new addiction!

I am thinking of using the two city photos for the art show with texture as you see above. What do you think?

PS . . . Thanks for all the great comments on my angel ballerina from my last post!! You guys rock! :)


  1. love these photos....very very cool!!!

    i think the two city photos would be wonderful to use for your show!

    hope you have a happy weekend!


  2. Oh my! I saw your FB status and thought "now what has she found?" LOL! Is there nothing you won't try? Good for you! Love these, especially the horse farm, sort of nostalgic/vintage.

    Have a great weekend

    Ro xoxo

    PS don't forget - giveaway!!!!! LOL!

  3. I...LOVE...THESE!!!
    And I'm going to have to check the site because I live in FEAR of Photoshop or any of it's Elements! LOL!
    Seriously...I have wanted to learn this.
    Beautiful work; looks like vintage photography!


  4. Wow!! These are outstanding! I have always hoped to be a photographer one day, but instead I make jewelry! LOL But I'm VERY interested in photo techniques. I can see why you enjoyed it so much! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Once again I'm out of my element. 'Texture Smexture'! LOL I'll have to leave the comments about this to those who know...but I do know that these are some of your photos I like. That's something I guess! ^_^

  6. Hi Cathy, Your photo's are terrific I like the texture in them. I am horrible at photography but I love looking at it.

  7. I love these, Cathy. I am addicted to Photoshop Elements. & actually signed up for one of Kim's skinny mini classes. Have a great weekend!

  8. great job, cathy. i love photos that look all vintagey and distressed. you are on a roll and i can't wait to see your exhibition!!

  9. Brava Cathy,sembrano delle bellissime foto della fine del 1800!
    Ottimo lavoro!


  10. These are exceptional! I actually took her free e-course, but haven't done anything with it yet--I really need too. I've had Photoshop since Christmas and haven't done anything with it yet.
    Did you see the new online class with Julie Prichard?--how to incorporate your photos in your artwork without the use of photoshop, but yet is has the look of photoshop--it's called Pixels and Paint--sounds VERY tempting.

  11. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the link. Also - congrats on your sale (your previous post)!

  12. i hope you stay addicted, these are so well done. i love photo shop, but just can't seem to grasp it (tried the free trial one). not everyone's work turns out so WONDERFUL as this...STUNNINGLY magical!

  13. Oh My Goodness Cathy..This New Technique Is SENSATIONAL! WOW! Your Photographs Were Wonderful Before..But Now They Are PERFECTION! You're Going To Be A SuperStar! Hugs Of The Warmest Southern Sunshine, Terri

  14. I LOVE these pics. Absolutely perfect! You are very cool!

  15. Oh, I love this! I'm the same way about Photoshop. :) I had to get me a Photoshop for dummies so I could figure some stuff out. I'm nowhere near being good. :)