Monday, April 25, 2011

Candle Still Life Finished!

"Candles in the Window"
acrylic on 8x10 canvas board

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and for those that celebrate Easter a great holiday! For our Easter Sunday it was just me, Lou, some ravioli, and homemade pizelle cookies that he made! And I ate way too many of them! I also had some studio time this weekend so that I could finish my candle still life. I continued with my monochrome palette and let me just say that painting in monochrome is teaching me a ton about color theory especially about lights and darks. My hubby was the one who suggested the window in the background. At first I was unsure how I could do it but I sketched it out and just started adding color.

The more I paint without the intention of perfection I notice that I paint better and get in the zone more. And I am trying to listen to what I vibe to as far as colors. I saw this color in my head and for a second hesitated because I thought it wasn't bold enough but just went with it.

This above image is the stage when Lou suggested the window. My original plan was just to add some flowers coming out of the smaller candle which was going to be a tiny flower pot! In the end I really like the depth the window frame gives the painting.

The more I do this type of painting with acrylics I am learning to love the forgiveness of this medium! As I paint I constantly think "Hey, if I don't like it I can just paint right over it and start again!" And that in itself is helping me to loosen up in my painting and enjoy the process much more.

I am thinking of starting a landscape next. In my mind I see it with a limited palette of yellow and purple!


  1. I really love this painting!! And tell your hubby that the window was the perfect touch to make it pop...speaking as a looker, not a painter myself. I just know what I like! :-) I like it!!

  2. This is just stunning! I love seeing how you progressed.

  3. Ciao Cathy,è sempre bello vedere i tuoi magnifici lavori,complimenti e tanti auguri di Pasqua anche se in ritardo!

    Ciao,un abbraccio!

  4. Cathy;
    The finished piece is gorgeous . . . you did a beautiful work!
    Doesn't it feel good to accomplish a piece? Your friendship, your artwork, your comments on my blog, inspire me beyond words.

  5. Lovely painting! Sounds like you had a great Easter xx Any cookies left? ;)

  6. Still lifes are so peaceful and calm - I love this! You really did a fantastic job! Your Easter sounded terrific - I love raviolis! xxoo

  7. This looks so beautiful - I also love the window in it!