Friday, April 1, 2011

More Newport Pics And I What I Want To Know From You!

As promised I am back with more Newport photos. These I altered in sepia/black and white tones because as you know I love the effect they give an image. The above image is the front of our beach cottage.

Each morning we walked up this hill to the main house for a lovely breakfast from a dining room overlooking the ocean. And the above photo was taken as I was standing beneath those trees.

This last shot below was taken at the Cliff Walk. Lou pointed it out to me. I am glad he did because I think it is a cool shot. And come to think of it I do believe it will make a good photo for a new altered black and white piece!

Now for what I want to know from you! As most of you know I am a breast cancer survivor. I was treated down in NYC at Sloan-Kettering. Each year have a Patient Art Exhibit at the hospital. I attended it last year and it was great. This year I will have the opportunity to exhibit some of my work! I have decided to show some of my photography. I would love to hear your suggestions for photos of mine that stand out to you!


  1. Okay---where can we look at them ALL? :-D
    I still love the Brooklyn Bridge and the one of the streetlight with *Love* on it....and that stone gate one.....(wringing mind out like an old sponge...)
    What do YOU feel fits well with the show?


  2. Frankly I love almost all of your photographs, but I especially love the one above that you just did! The 3rd photo...because of the symbolism of a path you sometimes have to travel as a cancer survivor. Just a thought.

  3. Follow your heart -- you'll know exactly what to exhibit...they will be photographs that evoke hope and faith and spirit.

  4. It's hard to choose just one, but I really like the empire state building shot. Best Wishes Cathy and a Happy Weekend to you!

  5. I am glad you are a survivor.
    I like top of the met best, although I have to say it is incredibly hard to pick a favourite from all the goodness!

  6. i love your top of the met and cliff walk.

    the path can represent so much.

    sending you love and great happiness you are a survivor...right along side my mama!!


  7. I really am drawn to all of your photos; love ones where you incorporate bare trees. Your art will shine! xxoo