Saturday, April 2, 2011

Angel Ballerina

In staying with the theme of my angel bride I sketched out this angel ballerina! I wasn't sure how I would do drawing a ballerina but I do love her. She looks so happy and peaceful! Today I worked on a layered background. I stalled out though in the placement of some collage. But the good thing is what I don't like I can always cover up!

Hubby and I are back from a lovely dinner at our favorite italian place. The gnocchi I had are sitting in my tummy like lead! But it was so worth it. And then there was tiramisu too! Next up, some Seinfeld reruns . . . love that show! It makes us laugh. . . alot!

Thanks for the photo suggestions for the art exhibit! I will keep you posted as it gets closer!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend my dear friends!!


  1. adorable, she is just adorable!
    i too had a nice dinner with my love. spring finally feels like it's here for good!

  2. She is very pretty and you are right she does look like she is at peace. Dinner sounds good, it has been a while since we have gone for Italian.

  3. Love your ballerina Cathy--you can have a great little series started.
    LOVE gnocchi too!!

  4. She does look so happy and at peace. Wonderful! Dinner sounded good!