Sunday, January 26, 2014

Full Circle With Misty . . .

I cannot remember the last time I took pencil to paper.  I used to sit with my drawing pad and graphite for hours, always keeping it close by.  That was quite a while ago.  I am talking maybe 2 years.  Since I got an iPad last summer that has been replaced with digital drawing.  

I signed up for my 3rd class with Misty Mawn, an artist who inspires with her amazing, raw, soulful artwork.  If you have not yet experienced a workshop with Misty it is definitely worth it!  There is always something for everyone from drawing to painting to photography to writing and more.  I am always amazed at how much she packs into a class!  Check out her latest class HERE.  

I worked on this charcoal sketch last night upright on the easel.  I forgot how messy charcoal can be.  I tried not to think to much as I went along.  Tried to silence the inner critic who is ever present threatening to ruin my art!  She is messy, a bit dark, but has a message of love.  

Sharing today over at Sunday Sketches!  

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  1. Love the fluid and moving energy in your sketch ~ glad you are coming back to it ~

    carol, xxx

  2. I too love the energy in your sketch. The hearts and the lines work so well together. Tell that inner critic to move along and get out of your way. That's what I tell mine.

  3. This is a wonderful piece, Cathy. I love the emotion you capture so well within your sketches and I LOVE the little red heart.

  4. My eye was drawn to the heart, you did a great job!

  5. ah, such a dear piece.
    lovely to hear of Misty's class, i am so tempted.