Friday, January 10, 2014

State of Confusion . . .

I was pretty startled when I realized today that my last post was 2 months ago.  You may be wondering where I have been.  Let me tell you I have wondered the same.  With facebook and instagram it has become very easy to just post my art and daily musings on those sites however it encourages me to neglect my blog space.  This blog has been super neglected and I am hoping to change that!  

I have been continuing with my art not as much as I would like though.  Digital art has taken the place of paints these days but at least it is something.  This past year was filled with lots of ups and downs however this new year is starting off with yet another family crisis that I am trying not to get consumed with.  

And that is where art comes in.  The journal page you see above was something I quickly worked on late the other night.  I only used watercolor crayons, titanium white paint, and my super cluttered mind.  It always seems that what is going on inside my head during times of stress spills out onto the page.  Hopefully it is a good thing.  I started out drawing a face and then it went crazy from there!  But I do like her.  Maybe because she is a piece of me.  

In other news I am continuing to work on my novel.  I will be sure to post excerpts here from time to time.  You can check out details in my last blog post.  

Wishing you all a good year!  And I am hoping to be here much more often!  Miss you all!  



  1. Sometimes life is simply that -- "confusing" -- and we find ways to distract ourselves...I know I've been doing that and realized this morning that in all that distraction I am bored out of my mind!!! Time to do something about that. Happy new year to you too Cathy! xo

    1. Hi Sherry!! Happy to see you stopped by! Its been so long I wondered if anyone would lol This comment made me laugh! Sometimes I feel that way too! lol xo