Friday, April 27, 2012

Recovery And A New Abstract

"graffiti love"
mixed media on 7x9 watercolor paper

I have been a bit MIA here this week mostly due to my laying low and resting from my procedure on Monday.  I like to call it a "procedure"  because to me that sounds less scary than "surgery".  Needless to say I was a wreck on Monday and all last weekend for that matter.  It was done in the doctors office in a room with those bright white lights I had come to know so well years ago.  The doctor was wonderful and I was a mess.  I was shaking, twitching, and holding back tears during the whole procedure.  I had forgotten how awful it is to hear all the sound effects when you are awake during surgery.  

The only downside of it was that she could not get all of the cyst out which means it may grow back. I am trying not to focus on that possibility and just think good thoughts as I wait for biopsy results.  She is sure it is only a cyst and there is nothing to worry about however when you are a cancer survivor a simple cold is never just a cold anymore.  

I have stitches in my arm for 2 weeks and luckily have only had minimal pain.  It is my dominant arm so I am trying to not overuse or lift anything heavy.  Its weird because through all of this I feel so "out of my body"  I am acting like I have never had any surgery before.  I think it is the fear that is pulling me out of myself and lately I have been having trouble finding my way back in.  

I created this new piece prior to the surgery.  I haven't been very creative this week.  Just been resting.  I used crimson and payne's gray as I love those 2 colors together and I added details with a black sharpie and a new white out pen.  Loving the white out pen!  Of course as I have said here before, the scribbling is my favorite part these days.  Maybe because my mind is so darn cluttered!  

I am also trying to put my photography together for an upcoming show.  I will be participating in the annual Patient Art Exhibit at Memorial Sloan-Kettering again this year.  I am trying to decide on 6 pieces and I better get my act together because the deadline to submit my framed work for the show is looming!  I don't want to miss it!  I really enjoyed having my work displayed last year.  It is a wonderful event.  

I am sharing this piece today at Paint Party Friday.  Thanks to all who posted well wishes last week!   I appreciate it so much!!


  1. I'm glad to hear that you're resting. Now if only your mind could take it easy, right?! ^_^ Worry when you HAVE to...not before! Just recoup like a good girl!

  2. 'Love your abstract. 'Glad your procedure went well and hope your recovery is fast with good results!

  3. Resting is good for the body. Scribbling is good is good for the soul. Happy PPF

  4. Your abstracts are wonderful, Cathy! There's a whole new power to them with the colors and the scribbles. I love them!!

    I'm glad you are resting and hopefully babying yourself...

    Much love, Silke

  5. Good to hear you are resting after the surgery, its the only way to recover.
    Loving your great abstract. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. Goodness girl, you've had a hard couple weeks. If we lived close I'd bring you chocolate..cuz, I only share my chocolate with friends. ;) I wish you the best and pray for comfort for you. Love your work! Happy PPF!

  7. Painting is the best medicine, keep doing what makes you happy. Sending love and well wishes♥♥♥
    Your friend,

  8. I am sending you light and lightness, wishing you well with the results. Sometimes i get shaky during these things, i feel vulnerable with someone else being responsible for my health.

    so good to give yourself the gift of creating art, a nurturing thing.

  9. Love grafitti love!!
    Thinking of you and praying for you, Cathy.
    You are such an inspiration!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  10. The main thing is that you rest and recover... yo will be back to being creative when you are ready... lots of positive thoughts going your way...xx

  11. I love your abstracts, this one is so powerful and full of energy. I'm glad to hear your surgery went well (even if the sound effects were gruesome) and glad the doc is confident. Hope you get the all clear soon.

  12. Great abstract. I understand about fear... rest well and may you find great healing - outside and inside!