Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finding An Angel . . .

In a recent post I shared a photo of a heart I found in the wood of our new deck that Lou is building. You can imagine my surprise when I saw this angel as well!

Since discovering art my observation skills have heightened. I don't look at anything the same anymore. Everything I see becomes a potential photographic image or an inspiration for a mixed media piece.

Its always cool to find images like these. But to find them as part of your home makes them extra special somehow. Love and angels are not as far away as we think . . .


  1. I act and I'm used to observing people, their behaviour, nature, animals, everything I encounter. I consider myself a really lucky person because I sometimes see things that, I'm aware, people who aren't used to observing will never possibly notice!
    Nice discovery, there!

  2. This is so true about art--how it makes you so much more aware of everything around you!