Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sketching and Sneezing

graphite on drawing paper

Despite the fact that I have been sneezing and stuffy for the past few days I picked up my graphite pencils and created this new girl. She looks rather calm so I am guessing she obviously does not sense my frustration with my sinuses and nose! But no words came to mind maybe because I feel foggy. Allergies be damned! I never had them in my life and now the past couple of years I seem to get them every once in awhile.

I am sharing her today over at Blue Chair Diary for Sunday Sketches hosted by the lovely Sophia.

Click HERE!

Short and sweet today (she says reaching for a tissue)


  1. Lucky lady on the paper who is so've done quite a bit in the new class...I've done nothing yet!! But I'm busy with a few other things, like getting ready to go away on a 2 week vacation. I'm going to be doing all my Misty work when I get home I think.

    Sorry about the onset allergies are a pain!!! xo

  2. She is fabulous!!!! Love her :)
    And allergies can go jump in the lake!! Stooped things!

  3. You have done well to create something so wonderful while suffering with allergies... I love the feel and structure of her... she feels solid... in a good way of course...happy Sunday Sketches...xx

  4. She is wonderful! ~ namaste,carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy SS

  5. Always Love seeing your sketches Cathy--feel better!!

  6. Beautiful, Cathy!! She really does look quite serene... And it looks like you are enjoying your class. The sneezing not so much! I hope you feel much better very soon!!! Hugs, Silke

  7. She's wonderful Cathy! Hope you feel better; I am just getting over a nasty sinus/cold and still coughing! xxoo

  8. Awww...sorry to hear you've been battling some sort of cold. I hope this note finds you doing better. And please forgive me for the delay in responding. Had some pc issues and just able to get on to visit the last few signups.

    I really like this sketch. Her eyes are lovely - and your style is so incredibly amazing. I love how your art just flows.

    Hugs :)

  9. Just noticed this; she is very beautiful. As you did this last wek, hopefully you are better now:)