Thursday, September 29, 2011

Antique Ford

mouse over to see the before

I was so excited to post this photo but had a few blogger glitches as you can see from the new template. That was so not planned and I almost lost all of my side bar stuff in the process! lol I won't bore you with that long story except to say that a. I am happy I didn't loose everything, and b. I am not sure which template I will go with but this will do for now.

As for this image, it is an old Ford that I shot at a local farm that was having a Tractor Show last summer. Lou is a big fan of any and all antique cars, tractors, machinery etc, so off we went and he really likes this image. And today I used one of Kim Klassen's latest textures "the ladder" and just LOVE what it did for this old car.

AND the big news for this post is that I was able to use a mouse over technique for my photos!! If you mouse over the image you can see the original thanks to Kim's video tutorial she graciously shared on her blog. You can watch the video HERE. I was shocked that I figured out how to get it to work although as you can see the image is still too big for the space. Not sure yet what that is about or how to remedy it yet. But I do love the mouse over!


  1. Cool technique! The tractor texture AND the 'mouse over' thing!! :-] I always upload my photos from Picassa, and videos from Youtube. It's easy to size things from these, with the little boxes where you put in what size you want! I'm so UN-tech savvy that I don't even want to THINK about changing anything now that I know what I'm doing in this format!! But you have fun! :-))

  2. Soooooooooooo want to learn the mouse over thing. So glad you posted the link. I have just started learn PhotoShop and need a full afternoon (which I haven't had) to figure out the layers thing. much to do, so little time!:)