Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Texture Tuesday

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This week's challenge was what Kim likes to call her "free and easy edition". The only requirement is that you have to have a layer of any one of her textures. So I chose her new "scripted autumn" texture for this image that I shot in RI. I love this tree lined path. It was taken at the bed and breakfast we stay at out in Newport. We walk it each morning for breakfast from the beach cottage to the main house up on a hill.

For the processing I used 2 layers in soft light, one layer in multiply and for the first time tried a filter in pink and loved what it did for the image. The words came to mind as I was processing the image. I knew that the path would be the perfect spot to add them. I removed a few layers of texture from the path so the words would show up well.

Here is the original image. . .

Hope you will join us over at Kim's blog to see all the great work being shared this week!!
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  1. Oh thats gorgeous,how lovely.Its amazing what can been done with art and photography now.

  2. So inviting. Looks like we are on similar paths today!

  3. I just started using PhotoShop. Haven't gotten the hand of the layers!! lol Gotta start somewhere! The image is wonderful.