Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Lure of Digital Art

I have been debating on getting an iPad for a couple of months now.  I now use my iPhone for 90 percent of my photography and have been trying out some drawing/painting apps to see if I even like to work that way.  I mean, I know I love to alter my photos on the phone but painting?  

Artrage is the app I just tried out last night and created this eye.  It is a painting app that also allows you to draw as well.  The screen is really small on the phone and I was using my finger which is tricky but I was surprised at the end result.  I almost gave up a couple of times.  I suppose as with any other new skill it needs practice.  

I couldn't help but add some scribbles as a finishing touch!  I may be succumbing to the lure of digital art.  

How about you??  Are you painting digitally?  Do you love it?


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