Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cat Eyes For Cat . . .

"Cat" is a nickname that some have called me.  I have always liked it although I have never liked cats!  lol  They just seem too independent and snooty to me (sorry all you cat lovers out there!).  They make me anxious. 

 Anyway, I did a selfie with my iphone the other night.  I bought another pair of eyeglasses online at Coastal.com and I was not sure if I could pull off the "cat eye" shape but I am warming up to this style!  The color is a nice deep burgundy, and there are little hearts on each side.   It is a more bold than I am used to wearing but with some encouragement from my husband I am trying to rock the look!  

They only cost me $30 (50%off sale)  including the lenses.  Now how can you beat that??

(no I am not a spokesperson for coastal, I just think its a great place to order frames!)

If you want to give them a try you get your first pair free.  That is how I started, and I love those frames too.

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  1. i LOVE them on you CAT! and am chuckling at your expression! meYOW! xo