Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Sketches

This girl looks a bit more relaxed and happier than the girl in my last post. Its funny how each face I sketch is completely different than the last. I couldn't replicate one if I tried. Its as if they have their own soul that I bring to life. So far though my girls have been quiet! No words or names are being told to me. lol

I would really like to try and sketch a little everyday. Whenever I say that though I somehow distract myself with something else! But in the past 2 days I have already seen improvements in my sketching. The noses don't scare me as much anymore! I think I like this girl just in graphite rather than watercolor.

I am sharing her today over at Sunday Sketches.
Hope you are all enjoying the last moments of your weekend!


  1. Cathy,
    I'm just amazed and inspired by your sketching. This lady is so beautiful. Her eyes evoke so much passion and beauty. :)

  2. Sketching every day is such a help and improvement comes soooo quickly when you do, but then if you aren't careful you get hooked and find that you need it... nice obsession to have and it is my sanity saver and hope your distractions don't get the better of you... happy sketching all week...xx

  3. Beautiful sketch...agree with Tracey, you get hooked. I sketch everyday, I'm addicted and practice makes perfect... :)

  4. She has such a kind and open face. Beautiful. You are right it is almost impossible to draw two the same:))

  5. Another amazing sketch from you! Love her. :)

  6. Cathy she is really lovely, such a clarity to this one. I don't sketch enough, just want to play with colours most of the time, but I do think it's important and should try more often too, it has a loosening feel for me, it's all just such fun really! Enjoy your week Cathy. xx