Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Scene From My Sunday . . .

processed with snapseed and instagram

Just popping in to share part of my weekend. I went for a walk near our house that takes me on a trail along the water. I had my iphone with me and couldn't resist capturing the moment these two beautiful swans were enjoying.

Right now Lou has just put some brownies in the oven, The Notebook (my absolute fav movie!) is on TV, and the sun is setting outside our kitchen window. I wish all of life could be as easy as these moments.

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend!


  1. such a beautiful picture you have created, with words and photo, enjoy your movie and yummy brownies! Sounds like the perfect end to the day.
    Those swans are beautiful!

  2. I love swans. They're beautiful animals. I'm glad you were able to snap this pic of them. I, too, wish life was easy :) Why can't it be the way it was when I was a kid?

  3. That sounds like the perfect weekend - right down to the brownies... Hugs, Silke