Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rocky's Power Nap

Not only is this pug crafty but he knows just what to do when he needs a quick nap. Lou's slippers were on the floor the other night and apparently Rocky thought they would make a good bed!

He gave me quite the photo op I must say. He slept there for a good 15 minutes. For me, I would choose the comfort of a couch or bed. Although I am sure given the chance Rocky would too. As a matter of fact this week he just learned how to jump up on the couch. So now in the evenings when Lou and I are watching some TV guess where Rocky is?

There is just no stopping him now! And boy are we in trouble.

It has taken me a long time to start to like this little guy as I am still sad about Bosco. But I am just starting to notice that the ice around my heart is beginning to melt and he is working his way in . . .


  1. How adorable is that!!!! :-) But of course we knew the ice around your heart would start to warm eventually!

  2. so cute - makes me want to pick him up for a cuddle - right out of the computer screen!

  3. Oh--how could he not melt that ice--he is so darn sweet!
    I was just showing this pic to my daughter yesterday....and the one where he's sleeping sideways