Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Sketches . . . NYC Skyline

I spent some time playing in my journal this weekend. I was inspired by a photo a took of the NYC skyline and wanted to try a sketch. I loosely sketched it out and added gray and pink watercolors with a bit of yellow for lit windows on the buildings. I am really loving watercolors when I sketch.

I took a pic after I first laid down the colors over the sketch and I also like it this way. It was fun though to go back in with my black pitt pen and outline, scribble and sketch it back in. Although I am not happy with the bold letters at at the bottom it was how I was initially inspired to write them so I just went with it.

I am sharing this today over at Sunday Sketches hosted by the lovely Sophia.
Hope you will join us!


  1. I love this, Cathy. I've always wanted to try a skyline but too chicken to try it out. :) Nice job.

  2. Beautiful Skyline,why not try watercolor???
    Ciao Cathy,have a happy week!

  3. great skyline... they are a skill all of their own and you have pulled it off beautifully ...xx

  4. Love this Cathy--both versions too. I've been discovering watercolors little by little--I like that touch of color you can get from them.

  5. this came out great...i like it with and without...they both take on different feelings nice job!

  6. A great sketch - the outline strengthens it but I like it both ways.