Sunday, November 20, 2011

She Dreams of Love . . .

I am so hooked on graphite and despite the fact that I long to paint my sketches I don't want to add color. I think I am just afraid of it. Maybe I hide behind the monochrome because it is more comfortable for me. Ok, way too much analyzing here! lol

Anyway, I really enjoyed sketching her especially with closed eyes. I am crazy with eyelashes no matter if the eyes are opened or closed. After I drew the heart wings those words came to mind "she dreams of love" and I thought the perfect place for them was in her hair.

Someday maybe I will try to paint her. In the meanwhile I am sharing her over at Sunday Sketches this week. Check out Sophia's blog for all the details!


  1. Cathy, she's beautiful. I love the words flowing in her hair and the tiny heart on her cheek. Lovely! :)

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  3. I agree with Sophia, Cathy- she IS beautiful! Her closed eyes make her look so serene.

    You can keep her in graphite and just make a copy of her if you want to fool around with color, but not on the original...that's what I do when I don't want to risk ruining a sketch I love.

    And you have so many sketches to love! xo

  4. Very pretty Cathy.Love the tiny heart.

  5. oh she is gorgeous Cathy!!!! what a beautiful piece...and I know her dreams of love will come true!!!

    I have a cupcake tutorial to share with pop by!!!!

  6. it's beautiful, not sure if it even needs color!