Monday, November 28, 2011

Meet Rocky

Most of you know by now that we have a new addition to our family. We lost our sweet Bosco back in September and Rocky joined us in late October. He was a surprise from my husband that I felt I was not ready for. My heart was too broken and still is. Truth be told if it were up to me I am not sure how long it would have taken me to feel "ready" for another pup.

So after 5 weeks I am now finally ready to introduce him to all of you! The adjustment has been very difficult, there have been many nights of no sleep, crate training trouble, and lack of patience on our part. But now we are getting into somewhat of a groove, getting to know each other better, and settling in with each other.

My husband bonded with Rocky right away while I was trying my hardest to resist even liking him. I am still finding it hard to risk another broken heart. Slowly though I am feeling better about it all and am letting myself get to know him, hold him, and hopefully love him one day.

He is starting to break the ice around my heart with his funny ways, cute face, and mischievous behavior like when he hopped up on the laundry bag and started chewing the strap! I just had to get a photo of this moment. Look at that face. He knows he is busted! lol

These are the moments when I enjoy him the most, like in this shot where he is just laying in his bed quietly enjoying the sun like Bosco did. Sometimes I see Rocky looking at something in the room that I don't see and I can't help but wonder if it is Bosco stopping by to show him the ropes . . .


  1. It could very well be Bosco's soul lingering there and hoping that soon you will befriend Rocky and not be in so much pain. Dog's are like that in that they sense when something is wrong and they do display their emotions. I have felt Chorizo's presence at times and there was a few times that I could have sworn I saw a shadow pass by the kitchen when I was at the sink, something she always did to check on me. I still miss Chorizo very much, always will, but do have Chocolatte now, and although it will never be Chorizo, Chocolatte has her own personality with her own sweet ways as well as sometimes being a meanie. Just take each day as it comes and before you know it, your heart will be overcome with love for Rocky. You have to remember that we only have them for a few years and in those years there is a lot of love being shared, and memories being made that will last a lifetime. It is painful but worth the time spent with the little critters. Take care and enjoy.

  2. Awww he's a cutie! Love his face! My daughter has a pug too,her name is piggy because she snorts alot! They are so lovable. Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. He's a cutie!...Don't worry. Even the biggest iceberg can melt. It just takes a certain amount of time. You'll know how much...I suggest you keep a lot of towels on hand to soak up the defrosting! LOL

  4. Sweet Cathy I understand I really do but remember we only regret the things we DON"T do...and like Gloria says we only have our little furry friends for such a short take it as it comes but don't be afraid to open your heart, even tho it may get broken and bruised again one day. As the saying goes "Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all"

    I thought I wouldn't love another dog after I lost my Ben, but I went on to have two more, Solo and Jake and they left just as big pawprints in my heart but I'm so glad I have the time with them that I did. Sending you hugs and love

    Ro xxxx

  5. Mine are sitting right here as I type this note. I know that you have had a hard time with most of this transition, especially when he gave you such a hard time with crate training. He sure is a cutey.

    Just saying.... I think Bosco would want you to love him...because Bosco would want you to be happy. Hang in there...

  6. I'm so glad you come this far to begin to learn to love Rocky and share him with us. He's adorable and I'm not particularly a pug fan. ;->

    There are pros and cons ... it may be good your husband "pushed" you to have another pup. When I lost my Max, it took me 5 years to get Kobi. I missed Max so much. And I've gotten even more attached to Kobi. They are part of our families, these four-legged furry fellas and bellas.

    I continue to hear what I said after I lost Max, "if I ever get another dog I'll take better care of him." Not too much guilt in that thought. I'm keeping my word.

    I detect that you will find a place in your heart that melts for Rocky. He looks so sweet, even when he's caught in a guilt act! ;->


  7. I totally know where you're coming from Cathy. It's so hard to lose our furry friends. I'll admit, when it's Mieko's time, I'll be devastated.
    I think Rocky will slowly, but SURELY heal your heart and find his own special place there. Don't worry about getting hurt, it's part of life, but it also means you are enjoying ALL that life gives us. Enjoy the little peanut and capture more of those precious 'busted' photos!! ha

  8. He is a doll! And your photos are wonderful. I'm sure you'll fall in love with him soon. Thank you for your comment yesterday.

  9. oh my heavens!!!! I have never met Rocky till now...I am so thrilled to meet this cutie pie....what a wonderful addition to your family....and Bosco will never be forgotten....I bet he is looking down with his Angel wings.....

    Have a wonderful day Cathy!!!

  10. Oh Cathy--he just melts your heart--you have plenty of love to go around, and Bosco will never be replaced.
    He is such a CUTIE!!