Friday, May 6, 2011

Sunset Love . . . New Digital Collage

Sunset Love

Here I am again with more digitally altered photos! What a surprise right?! :) There is a serious addiction developing here. But I am having fun so that is what matters right?! My blank canvas is still yelling at me. All I have done is sketch out my landscape and added a bit of purple for a sky. Then I happily went back to photoshop! lol

The above image was created using two of my own images. One is a sunset shot I captured in Puerto Rico on our honeymoon and the other is a photo of a heart a drew in the sand on the beach in newport. I layered the heart over the sunset, moved it around till I liked the image , and spent some time adjusting opacities as well as hue and saturation. I could spend hours playing around with all of the image altering techniques to be had!

I love the results! Hope you do too!

PS . . . I think I may need to change the title of this blog soon to "Photoshop Addict"!! lol


  1. I love it!!...And no need to change the blog's name. It's still artsy!! LOL

  2. This is an addiction I am so familiar with! I LOVE this one.....and isn't it wonderful when you can work with your own photos to do this. So glad you're having so much fun with this. I can certainly relate! Hugs, Diane