Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Sketch . . . Feeling More Free To Be Messy

Last night while Lou and I were watching the finale of American Idol (anyone else watch?) I grabbed my sketchbook which had a bit of dust on it. I always have it out in the living room along with a couple of my graphite pencils just in case the mood hits me which it hasn't in a very long time. And since the finale show was so darn long I started decided to start moving the pencil around.

Lately I have been telling Lou that I long to be messy in my art work. I want to paint and draw recklessly, just letting my muse lead me. But what happens is I am wound up tighter than a knot and am constantly trying to achieve perfection from the get go with each piece I attempt. I feel like it would be more fun to just let go and be messy! So that is just what I did with this sketch. I was making crazy marks laying down shadow areas on the face, and where the eyes, nose and mouth would be. I just tried to keep the pencil moving and not stop to correct anything. There was a lot of correction that came later but I have to say that it felt so freeing to draw that way. And the end result is so different than any face I have drawn before. Even the nose which usually makes me crazy cause it is so hard to draw came easier somehow. I cannot stop looking at her!

Have any of you felt that way with your art? Hope you guys like her as much as I do! I so want to try and paint her. And paint her messy and imperfect! Not sure about that yet. Maybe I will stick with the pencils for now. . .

PS . . . For those of you who watched AI, I was secretly hoping Lauren would win. Was shocked and a bit bummed that it was Scotty ;)


  1. You did great, Cathy!! I think many of us strive to paint in a looser way. It may be my ultimate

  2. Looks amazing! I know execly what you mean. I'm constantly reminding myself not to get into too much detail. I get so frustrated and give up easily. But being messy is so much more fun. :) Keep it up!

  3. I feel that way ALL THE TIME! lol. I also tried that last night but I drew a sheep! lol.

    I like her, especially her nose. :)

  4. Really impressive Cathy!!!I love the delicate nature of the eyes. keep well.



  5. Love her Cathy...I think she might be my favorite so far! I love to let go and get messy, you never know what will emerge! I was surprised about Scotty too, I wanted it to be James.
    Love to you,
    Jenny :)

  6. I love it...especially your specialty part, the eyes!...And Oh Yeah....You've been tagged! ^_^

  7. Wow Cathy! She's A Beauty! And Yes..I Too Feel Too Tightly Wound In The Studio Sometimes. It's Amazing That You Mention Something I Too Am Trying To Rectify. By Nature I'm Tidy And I Think I Bring That Trait To The Canvas With Me. For Me..It's Still A Perpetual Struggle To Be Loose With My Paints. What I Finally Decided Recently Is To Make Use Of The Burden. What I Mean Is I'm Now Leaning More Towards Accepting What Can Be Considered An Artistic Flaw..And Using It To My Advantage. I'm Now Going More Abstract With A Lit'l Geometrical Angle In The Mix. The Cleaner Lines Seem To Satisfy My Need For Tidy. Hope This Makes Sense. Just Sharing A Bit Of My Most Recent Journey And Hope It Helps. And Before I Go..I'm Sending A Big Southern Hug To You For Calling My Newest Piece "Amazing". Somehow That's Precisely What I Thought As I Signed This Piece To Set Her Aside To Dry. Doesn't Happen Often That I'm Fully Happy With A Particular Piece..It Did With This One. Hugs Of Warm Georgia Sunshine, Terri