Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inverting Images . . . Way Cool Effect!!

I was playing around in photoshop again (there's a surprise! lol) and I accidently hit the wrong button. I was layering some texture to a new photo and I hit "invert". I pleasantly surprised with the effect! The photo above is the inverted image of my dogwood tree image you can see below. Wow! I love it. The pinks turned to purples and the blue sky turned a cool shade of brown. There is also added texture as well.

The image below you may recall from many months ago. It is my night image taken in newport. I added some texture to it and then hit that invert button!

This time I was floored with the effect! The image below looks like a painting to me! All the darks and lights switched. I added an antique tone to it. I love it!

Tomorrow I start a FREE class with Kim Klassen "Photoshop Skinny Mini eCourse" !! I am such a newbie to these layering techniques and texture so I am excited to learn more! There is still time to sign up! Click HERE for more info.


  1. I don't know anything about photoshop except what I've heard. i use Picassa. But I love the effect you got...ENJOY your class finding out more about it!

  2. Oh that Newport image is excellent!

  3. Love what you did to these photos...stunning!

  4. What fun! Enjoy your course. xx

  5. Love what your doing!! Hitting the wrong button gave you a fabulous outcome!!