Friday, March 11, 2011

Make A Wish . . . New Collaged Piece

"Make A Wish"
mixed media on 8x8 wrapped canvas

Thanks for all the great comments on my pug photo in my last post! it is one of my favs! Who am I kidding? All of the photos I take of Bosco are my favorites! lol I thought it would make a cute card so I listed it today in my etsy shop!

Despite the fact that I woke up today with an ugly headache I tried not to let that stop me from finishing this piece I have been working on for quite a few days. This was inspired by techniques I am learning in Jodi Ohl's class "Fun With Faux Encaustics". I am veering off the traditional road with her class but am having fun learning alot of great collage layering techniques that I don't usually incorporate into my paintings. Of course I have absolutely no patience to let layers dry which can be a problem! lol

You may recognize this girl as it was a sketch I posted a few weeks ago. Well, I decided to print out my sketch on plain paper and collaged her onto the canvas. I just colored her in with some crayons and charcoal pencil. I have to say I had alot more fun coloring in a sketch than painting a face! This may be my new favorite way to get my sketches on canvas!


  1. I love all of the background, words, and scratch lightening.

  2. Another beautiful work!!

    Ciao Cathy!

  3. oh I love this make a wish painting!!! It looks amazing with the tones you used....I think I will close my eyes...too and make a wish tonight!!!!

  4. Very nice and a good idea on collaging your sketches on canvas. I've done that a few time and it works out great. Nice piece.

  5. Well done, she is beautiful. I like the light feel of this piece.

  6. i love the muted color pallet and she kind of looks like you!!
    hope your headache is better, mon ami!

  7. that's a great technique! You are really expanding and being adventurous and allowing yourself to do what feels right to you! Beautiful tones in this too!

  8. Hope your headache is gone now. Love your pug photo - just so precious. Your latest art work, here, is wonderful! I was hoping you would enjoy Jodi's class; it is a great layering class and waiting for things to dry was my biggest issue. Enjoy!