Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sketching . . . Trying More Realism

I have been having fun sketching the stylized faces but for this one I wanted to go for more realism in the features . . . especially the eyes. Although I am unsure about the nose and mouth I like how the eyes came out. As you can see from the smudges I changed the hair. Originally I had it just down on both sides. Then late last nite practically in my sleep I saw hair swept over her shoulder on one side. I like that better.

Funny how with the realistic eyes I feel as though I created a face and now wonder who she is and where she has been . . .

We shall see if I have the courage to put her on a canvas!

Oh, and I made my first blog header! I made it from the photo of my "Love Me" abstract. What do you guys think?


  1. Love the new header! ;-)
    Just a quick pop-in as I have to go check dinner cooking and hope I have not burned it up.....


  2. I love her eyes! And I think the idea of hair swept to the side is great. You KNOW i like it!! ^_^ Now, just being honest, I really like your header banner. I just think it would be even better if it was longer across. That's just one girl's opinion...because you asked! :-)

  3. Hi Cathy, you are very brave doing your header, wouldn't have a clue where to begin (Lorrie did mine for me originally, I just gave her a photo!) I agree I would be lovely if it was a bit wider but having said that it's still great! Love the sketch! Go for it - canvas,canvas, canvas!!!!! LOL! Bit like me trying to do the canvas for my friend, I'm so scared it won't look anything like her little girl and she won't like it!!! But hey! Unless i get on and DO IT I won't know will I?!

    Have a great week xxxxx

  4. sorry that should read 'it would be lovely" not I would be lovely, although of course I am!! HA ha!

  5. Oh she is gorgeous! I really do hope you put her onto canvas, love the swept hair on one side I think that is a lovely touch!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with her in colour :0)

    Your blog header looks great! How did you make that? I usually just used a photo of one of my pieces, I really like the text you have one there!!!

  6. From absolutely put on canvas!
    It 's beautiful!

    Ciao Cathy!

  7. I love to paint and photograph though human object isn't fascinate me as much as flowers and insects, especially Butterfly and Orchids. After seeing your beautiful face sketch I have thought to like human object more. Thanks for inpire me Cathy :)

  8. Hello Cathy, I've just come accross your blog and like it very much. Your art is lovely, all the best to you. xx

  9. I LOVE the blog header and I KNOW you will find the courage to put this beautiful girl with the haunting eyes on canvas- you can do it! She is lovely! I know what you search for, with more realism, I do too...