Thursday, December 2, 2010

My First Abstract Mixed Media Painting!

Love Me
abstract mixed media on 6"x8" canvas board

I started this piece last nite. As you know I have been dabbling in abstract paintings. I have been thinking about incorporating my photography into some abstract pieces. So that is what I did here. I used one of my favorite images and printed it out on regular printer paper to collage on to the canvas board. I used payne's gray, burnt sienna, titan buff and zinc white in various shades. There is some gel medium for texure and to help incorporate the photo into the background. I added the stamping at the end as I felt that there was just something missing. I think it helped the composition.

I am pleased with how it came out! And I felt a bit looser during the process! There is hope I may start using my left brain more after all!

If you are interested in abstract mixed media I learned some of these techniques from a great book I just started reading. Its called Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed Media Artists by Ann Baldwin. I am loving it! You can check out Ann's website to find out more about the book and her artwork HERE


  1. Now this one I really love!! Not only the abstract painting, but the colors, the message and everything! Great job Cathy!!Now if I can just make that million dollars....... ^_^

  2. Hi Cathy...super gorgeous and wonderful..has a nice antique-y vintage feel to it.

  3. WOW Cathy! This is awesome! Love it! Isn't it great to incorporate your own photos and images? Really super! I have Ann Baldwin's book and it's always near me when I'm creating. Her DVD's are wonderful! xxoo

  4. Brava!! Complimenti Cathy,un eccellente lavoro!

    Ciao,buona serata


  5. This is lovely. With your eye for excellent images in photographs, you should have no problems mixing them into abstract pieces.
    I love the feel of this~~colors I usually don't use but they call out.
    Very, very good!!!! Anxious to see where you go from here! ;)


  6. This is a truly fabulous piece. It really struck a chord with me. What a wonderful idea to incorporate your photography. Great job Cathy.

  7. Sooo very pretty Cathy!! I can't wait to see how you incorporate more of your beautiful photography into your mixed media! I know you're going to blow us all away!!

  8. It's great Cathy, I love how you incorporated your photograph into this piece......