Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back to Some Face Painting . . .

mixed media on 9x12 canvas board

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Ours was quiet with my husband and I spending the day home together. I made lasagna which is one of my favorites and ate way too many italian pastries from our local bakery! Right now we are watching the snow fall here in NY. There is a fire in the wood stove and the pug is sleeping in front of it. A nice place to be.

After so many abstracts I took some time the past couple of days to work on painting one of my recent sketches. You can see the original sketch HERE. Of course the painted face looks nothing like the sketch but here she is!

I had more fun with the background than the face. I used light molding paste for texture and used payne's gray with burnt sienna for the background. It was hard getting back to faces after loosening up with the abstract work!

I hope that wherever you are you are staying warm and enjoying the day!


  1. I can tell you're liking the payne's gray and the burnt sienna!! so do a lovely ambiance, she's beautiful!

    I bet New York is looking pretty in the snow, we have brilliant sunshine today and the snow is sparkling like someone has just sprinkled fairy dust on it! We just went x country skiing for a couple of hours, it was so peaceful and pretty out there.

    Have a lovely boxing day

    and thank you for popping by my blog!

    Luv Ro xx

  2. She's beautiful Cathy! And while I love your sketches, she really came to life painted! Her eyes are so expressive. You've become a pro at doing eyes.

    Here in Mass. it's beginning to snow...flurries presently, but we're in for a long night it appears. I guess we're avoided the snow as long as we could. Now it's time to pull out the snow tires and shovels! ^_^ Keep warm and stay in front of that cozy wood stove. I wish I was your pug. I bet he's eating good too! :-))

  3. We have sun today--still quite cold though and doesn't seem to be doing much to the snow on the ground (which is okay with me!)
    Also had a nice cozy quiet day yesterday with DH, plenty of food-too much-and a good vino to go with. It was all around delightful!
    Love the way the background and texture makes the smoothness of the face absolutely pop here; the juxtaposition of bright, creamy, smooth against dark, texture, print works well. I hope you'll experiment more like this---I think that you will find it quite rewarding.
    Happy Boxing Day!

    Anne...waddling like a pug....*sigh*

  4. Oh, my, Cathy, she is just gorgeous!! I love her smooth and understated face and then the very bold background with the colors and the textures and the stamps. The printed part of it (the words), is that a stamp? I love the way it looks!!

    Enjoy the snow - even here in Savannah, we had some flurries today. So much fun!! Love, Silke

  5. i love her eyes, you are so good at them. she feels like she is looking deep into my soul. i love your moulding paste, i can see a stamp just like one i have on the top left! i use it all the time.
    hope santa was good to you, sounds like you are in dreamland right now.
    hugs and much love to you!

  6. Beautiful face, snowed here a little today also, not enough to get real excited about though.

  7. Love the eyes! They just sparkle. :) I'm eating way too much these days, too. But it's "going on a diet" an every new year resolution anyway so I'm all good. :)))

  8. She's beautiful Cathy! And I love the collage in the background too. I miss my painting--I can't wait to get back to normal :)

  9. Positively beautiful, Cathy. Her eyes are amazing! Hugs, Diane

  10. She is truly lovely Cathy. I'm enjoying our first snowfall, here, in NY. The wind is fierce so I'm waiting for it to calm down so I can get out for a walk. Stay warm and safe. xxoo

  11. Happy Holidays, Cathy!
    Oh, the setting you depict sounds wonderful. Snow falling and fire burning in the woodstove. Ahhh! We had plenty of snow up north but no fireplace for me :(
    I did have a quiet Christmas as well. It was nice though. Can't wait to see what you're going to paint next.
    Happy New Year!