Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Abstract Landscape . . . New Mini Tutorial

"the sun always shines again"
acrylic on paper

I wanted to share this piece with you guys today and hopefully inspire you to let go and let the paint lead.  I created this mini abstract landscape using 3 colors of paint and a few pieces of tissue paper collage.  It was done with only a palette knife.  I don't like using brushes so when I can I use either a credit card or palette knife.  Here is how I created this little painting . . . 

*Choose 2 colors of paint and titanium white.

*Squeeze the paint directly from the bottle/tube onto the surface in the area you want it to go. 

* For landscape typically you create a horizon line which should be above or below midline rather than directly in the middle.  I squeezed the gray color on the bottom with some white and the yellow on the upper portion also with a small amount of white.  

*Using a palette knife or an old credit card start dragging the paint on the bottom.  Use a light hand to gently mix the white in for areas of highlight.  

*Wipe off the palette knife and begin doing the same with the top color.  Continue going back and forth until you feel its done.  

*To bring out contrast while the paint is still wet using the palette knife scrape into areas along the bottom removing some of the paint.  

*When the paint is dry tear a couple of pieces of tissue or any collage paper and glue it to areas along the bottom to mimic land.  Matte medium works well for this.  Or even mod podge if you have that on hand.  For this piece I used tissue paper I had already prepared with my favorite word stamp with Staz On permanent ink. 

*You can also drag the palette knife into the wet paint to create more texture and line.  

One of the things I love most about this process are the images that show up.  Over on the right side of the screen on the painting I see what looks like a couple in an embrace in the gray paint just below the yellow.  

Hope you will try to let go in your own creating and enjoy the process!  


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