Monday, June 1, 2015

Studio News And An Art Store Haul!

 I am excited to share some publishing news with you!  One of my favorite "heart art" pieces was recently published in the June issue of Somerset Studio Gallery on newsstands now!  I had the great honor of writing a mini article of my process for this painting.  

Very exciting to see my work in print!  This piece "you are loved"  was so much fun to create.  I hope you pick up a copy and if you try the tutorial please come back and share a link so we can see what beauty you have created!

In other news I recently took a much needed trip to Michael's for some new supplies.  Sometimes I just like to go the art store to peruse the aisles.  It is a good way for me to loose myself and turn off my brain, much like painting does.  

I picked up some light colors of folk art craft paint (sometimes its just fun to not have to think about mixing your own colors) and new stencils.  I went crazy for these new Tim Holtz stencils!  Love the grunge and of course love to use letters in my mixed media pieces.  I also grabbed a set of liquitex paint pens in black, white, and gray.  Paint pens are new to me so I am excited to try them out.  I love to write on my pieces with something permanent.  These should do the trick.  

Hope all is well in your world these days.  Tune in later this week to see what I conjure up on canvas with the new supplies!  


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