Monday, May 20, 2013

A Scene Right Out of My Favorite Show

I was in NYC last week walking down 5th Ave.  One of the things I love so much about this city is the many urban photo ops there are.  You never know what you will capture at any given moment.  With my iPhone in tow I walked past the NY Public Library, the site of a scene from the first Sex And The City movie.  Its when Big ditches Carrie on their would be wedding day.  As I walked past and turned to look back I couldn't help but hold up the camera and click.  

On the train ride back home as I scrolled through the images I noticed that I caught the traffic at just the right moment.  The black Mercedes you see is very similar to the car Big was riding in when Carrie was beating him with her bouquet!  

I love the cars, the people and the timeless quality of the architecture.  Just like NYC, you have to move fast to capture moments along the city streets.  But when you do, they can be magical!

Filters were added with snapseed and pictapgo apps.  

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