Monday, November 5, 2012

Woman Over The Water And Another Storm . . .

Even my digital collaging seems to be morphing.  I did this new one on my iphone the other night and it felt weird to me.  Not typically what I create.  I used a beach image and the image of a woman that appeared in a recent painting.  

I have been posting art that is heading in a different direction, art possibly spun out of my hurricane angst.  I do like where it is going but I am in the stage where it still feels weird.  But then again since the devastation going on all around us up here in the Northeast thanks to Sandy I don't feel right at all.  Spiritually speaking I am a sponge.  All of the energy going on around me affects me deeply.  I need to block it sometimes.  I have been weepy and anxious.  I suppose that is evident in my latest pieces.  

We are expecting a Nor easter on Wednesday.  More wind, rain, and potential damage.  Another thing that is out of our control.  I only hope that those who are already suffering from Sandy will be ok as we get hit once again. . . 

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  1. VERY COOL cathy..always love your ideas! thanks, about photoshop, i have wanted to use it for so long and the delight is now here! xo