Friday, July 13, 2012

Act Natural And A New Grungy Abstract

 Today I am feeling hung over from staying out late Wednesday night ( not from drinking sadly, just from lack of sleep. lol).  Lou and I went to see Def Leppard.  This was the 4th time we have seen them in concert and its always a great show!  

However, in the creating department I was feeling uninspired alot this week. I hate when this happens to me as it tends to do from time to time.  So I headed over to "The Land of Lost Luggage"  where I am taking a few online classes with Julie Prichard and that did the trick.  

 I  created this journal  page with techniques I am learning in Julie's "Act Natural" online class.  She shows you how to use a limited neutral color palette to create aged, grungy art.  Its really cool!  Once I watched the promo video I knew I was in!  Watch that video along with the class info HERE.  

 The techniques were easy and fun.  I do really like how this piece turned out.  I love how it looks old as if paint was peeling along the bottom.  You all know by now how much I like drips and of course I couldn't help but use my white out pen to add some scribbles.  

If you have never taken a class over at Julie's network I highly recommend it!  The classes are super affordable and always open!

Sharing this piece today over at Paint Party Friday.  Thanks as always to Eva and Kristin for hosting this great gathering each week!

I have been getting back to some digital collage and will share some of that soon  :)



  1. And I want and I need
    And I lust animal!!

    I loved that song :)

  2. wonderful abstract! monochromatic

  3. Thanks for the tip about the classes. I like the look of this a lot.

  4. i love this neutral palette... it feels like a stark winter landscape during a blizzard-- when the snow is still falling and fresh and beautiful.
    thanks for sharing the info about the class. i will definitely check that out!

  5. Very nice, lots of depth!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Def Leppard.. O.M.G! The Hysteria Tour was my first arena concert..HUGE crush on them all. Great grunge too..THANK YOU for the kind words..see you in the network!

  7. Interesting piece...quiet colors...relaxing to look at. I like it.
    HPPF on Saturday.

  8. Great achromatic painting, Cathy!
    I love the layering and the weathered look of the paint on this page, too!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  9. classes are a great way to kickstart your inspiration aren't they... and remember the days when we didn't need so much sleep... I miss them sometimes... have a great week...xx

  10. good reason for no sleep! love the grunge!
    cheers, dana

  11. Wow, hard to believe you just created this, it does look so wonderfully aged and weathered.