Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scratching Up More Photos . . . And A Blog Award!

mixed media on 6x6 inch birch wood

Thanks for all the great comments on yesterday's photo! I wish I were there now instead of being buried in more snow! It has been a record setting winter so far here in NY and I am looking forward to spring!

First I would like to thank the lovely Kelly over at KellyBerkeyDesigns for awarding me the Dearest Blog Award!! It was quite a surprise and I am very thankful! Kelly is an amazing artist and jewelry designer with a sweet soul. She is someone who inspires others with her love of life and of art! Do stop by her blog (via the link above) if you haven't already!

As for this new piece I am finding that I like scratching up and distressing my photos. I had pictured this painting in my head the other day. I knew which photo I wanted to use and that I wanted to extend the landscape especially the sun and water reflection. I used black gesso for the background and added the landscape details in white marker and grey water color crayon that I just smudged.

I am definitely liking the black and white contrast with these latest pieces I have done. I am hoping I don't get stuck in this color palette but then again why not?! I always think to much and limit myself to what I think I "should" create. For now I am vibing to the black and white and we will see where it goes!


  1. This is so beautiful, Cathy. I love the blasck & white & all the distressing you've done. The close up is amazing. Hugs, Diane

  2. Love this---these B&W pieces are just great!
    I think you've found something special..... ;-)


  3. My phone is acting wonky so I had to send to my work computer so I can comment!! This is gorgeous and I love this one too.

    Get stuck in them all you want, LOL, cus you are creating some great imagery. Will any of these find their way to your shop? I hope so. :-)

  4. You are just getting better and better Cathy. I love the b/w look and I love sepia as well, which is what I've been messing around with. I was looking at your pug on your sidebar and it says "missing you." Does that refer to the pug missing you or did something happen to your pug? I hope not and hope your pug is doing goo. Take care and great work.

  5. I think I may LOVE your scratchy photos! They are so cool!

  6. I love this one too!...Yeah, go with it! I'm into making slippers right now. Who knows why, but I'm going with it! It's fun!!...Now if only the snow would GO with it, right?!! ^_^

  7. I am drawn to your black and whites! Stunning results! Love your wordless Wednesday photo; so relaxing and peaceful. This winter has been most challenging! Stay safe!

  8. Oh Cathy, this is so excellent!! The black and white is perfect--it's all you need.

  9. beautiful work. i have just been looking at your work and photos and love your blog
    have a lovely weekend
    Hugs June

  10. Oh wow Cathy this is stunning. I really haven't seen anything like this type of art before and I LOVE it! The fact that you are incorporating your art with your photos is brilliant. I really like how you drew the landscape so gorgeous! Well done!