Saturday, September 14, 2013

One Of 8 Great Paintings . . . .

I started this 16 x 20 canvas yesterday and am loving it so far.  These are new techniques for me but one of my favorite color palettes.  I am using payne's grey, raw umber, titanium white and buff.  The titanium white is one of  Golden's new OPEN paints which is giving me extra working time. 

The techniques I am using to create this piece are from a great online class with Julie Prichard  titled  "8 Great Paintings".  If you have never taken a class with her you need to put it on your "to do" list!  Julie and Chris Cozen host a network where they teach multiple classes in mixed media techniques and have also just released a new book "Acrylic Solutions: Exploring Mixed Media Layer By Layer"  also fabulous and a must buy for your collection!  

I have taken many of the classes Julie and Chris offer and have yet to be disappointed.  Actually of all the online classes I have taken (and believe me there have been many) in my opinion they offer the best.  A couple of the things I love is that you have unlimited access to the content (not an easy find these days)  and instructor support and feedback on your work.  Within 24 hours there is a response.  It is truly an interactive learning experience.  The classes are super affordable as well.  

For more info on all the classes they have to offer 

I will be sure to post the finished piece soon.  I was not sure where to take it next but thanks to Julie's feedback I will be stepping it up a notch and creating more contrast!

See you soon!


  1. Hi Cathy- thanks for the kind words! It always makes me happy to know someone is enjoying the classes....and especially to see a painting as nice as this one! Excellent start..looking forward to seeing more in the network!

  2. EXTRA NICE! i love Julie and chris' classes too, offering so much for so reasonable and learned so much! BEAUTIFUL start with depth!