Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Rocky (A Day Late lol)

I meant to put up this post yesterday but somehow the day got away from me.  And I wasn't really that busy.  I am still trying to figure that one out!  lol  Anyway, Rocky turned 2 years old yesterday.  I took this photo of him when he was a puppy.  I used my big girl camera.  I wish I wasn't so lazy!  Its just so much easier and quicker to use my iPhone.  Nothing really can take the place of your DSLR.  I shot this in sepia and it was not digitally altered at all.  Its probably my favorite of him so far. Ok, note to self, get out the big camera again!

Wishing you all a nice holiday!  Its a quiet day for me.  Hubby is working all day.  The golf industry just doesn't take a break!  Be back tomorrow with a new painting to share!



  1. I love your "big girl" picture of Rocky. So sweet. I hope he's found a place in your heart like Kobi has. He's my bestest friend, for sure. ;->

  2. He is so handsome! Love the photo. Happy 4th of July!