Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Orchid Love . . . A Before And After

I have a friend who just loves orchids.  I am not an orchid person but when I saw these in the store the other day I just couldn't resist getting them for her.  She loved them.  I took some photos of the orchids in her office.  I was struck by the blue color.  I  had never seen them before.  Neither had she.  Here is the original image . . . 


So gorgeous!  Well, despite how pretty they already were I wanted to amp them up a bit in photoshop.  So I took this image, added some texture, and inverted the image (which I often love to do).  Despite my love of the blue I really love the changes in colors that happened from inverting.  So cool!  
Thought you would enjoy the before and after.  I will be adding the top image as a print to my etsy shop soon!

Hope you are all doing well.  Me and my arm are still on the mend.  I know, its been so long already!  Hard to believe my surgery was april 23.  I had another issue over the weekend with more oozing and it ended up being a stitch trying to fight its way out.  So yesterday it was back to the doc to get it clipped!  I am hoping this is the last leg of this journey.  I haven't spent this much time at a doctor in 11 years!  UGH!  Anyway, it looks much better now and I am looking forward to saying goodbye to bandaids very soon!  lol



  1. Amazing how some PS work can change the feel of the orchid so much!
    I absolutely LOVE orchids, but alas, they don't love the care I give them......
    However, I would buy that blue one in a heartbeat!
    I'm just waiting for my *slice and dice* next week if the pre-op goes okay....hurry up and wait...
    Glad you're doing good!


  2. First, let me say...YAY!...the arm is healing and we're heading back into the normal zone!!...Secondly, I can't decide which photo I like best of the orchids! I like them both!

  3. I am usually not a fan of photoshopping when it changes the basic natural qualities of an object's or person's character. But I have to admit that I like much better the inverted orchids than the actual blue ones!
    That blue looks so electric!

    I'm glad you're feeling better!

  4. It's good to hear the your arm is healing. I love love love orchids. They did amazingly well in my old place in an east facing window (which had TONS of light all day long, as opposed to the limited light it recommended on the tag...) But we moved and unfortunately, we don't have any place like that to put flowers here. :(

    Your PS work is so fun! I love the vibrant blue but wouldn't it be great to have orchids that lovely hue of your PS pic!

  5. So glad to hear your arm is on the mend, what an ordeal you've been through! Your orchids are SO pretty, I love both versions.