Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wild Flowers

As we are on the verge fall's official arrival I wanted to share some pictures I took in the spring! Our house is across the street from a beautiful reservoir. I spend alot of time down by the water since they recently built a paved walk trail that runs right along its shore. I grabbed my camera and headed across the street to capture a few shots of these pretty purple wild flowers.

This is the view I can see from the bottom of our driveway.

These pictures were taken early morning with my Canon D10. I love to take macro shots and want to get a macro lens for my Canon XTi but I need to save up some dough for that one!

I did however get some great macro shots with the smaller D10.

And then I wanted to get even closer!

These are such tiny flowers but so pretty and what a vibrant shade of purple!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


  1. The flowers are so so pretty!!!! (I'm partial to a colorful flower!)..But the long shot of the water in the reservoir is beautiful as well!! :-)

  2. The color on the chickory blossoms is spot on perfect! I have tried many times to photography them but always lose some aspect of the intense blue with that hint of violet.


  3. They are beautiful Cathy. Great shots by the way. I bet it's nice living across from the reservoir. Enjoy.

  4. You have chosen a nice time of the year, and the right time of the day. Interesting perspective of the big lake, and yet not ignoring the smaller blossom. Thanks for sharing these pictures. You do have a gift.

  5. How lucky you are to have this in your "front" yard. I love the color of the flower. Gorgeous picture.