Monday, September 20, 2010

Love Is All Around Us . . . She's Painted!

Love Is all Around Us . . . Falling Like Rain
8x10 mixed media on canvas board

Thanks for all of your comments on yesterday's exciting news! Later on in the day I found out that my card was featured in another treasury! My little Bosco was quite popular!

Today I finally had a chance to get to painting my sketch of this angel that I showed you last week. I am always on the fence as to whether I like it better as just a sketch. I suppose it is just a different look!

I am thinking my background has too much gray but I wanted to go for a rainy theme. This time I made her wings heart shaped. I kinda like them that way!

Oh, and I signed up for my very first Suzi Blu class! I am excited to jump in and get started!

Hope you are having a beautiful creative day! :)


  1. cathy i love her sweet cheeks and the bit of gray-ness to the painting. how are you enjoying suzi's class so far?

  2. Oh that is super about Bosco in another treasury!

    Love the painting and the gray background is just perfect! The words you add to your paintings are wonderful. :)

    Good luck with your classes!


  3. congrats on ALL those wonders that are swirling about you right now!
    love the girl.

  4. Awww love her heart wings! I'm interested to see your work from the Suzi blu class how exciting. And congratulations on those treasuries well done! :0)

  5. I love her wings and the grey! She is very sweet!

  6. She's perfect Cathy!! I love your little Bosco card so much!!!

  7. She is super beautiful and gentle..what a wonderful spirit to her! Shine on!

  8. love IS all around us,
    to be sure!
    & also is so dearly
    on your canvas!