Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Little Landscape Today . . .

First let me say that I was overwhelmed with all of your lovely comments on yesterday's post! Thank you so much! Being able to interact with each of you makes this creative blogging journey so fun!

And now here is my art for the day!

9x12 mixed media on canvas paper

I did this landscape yesterday on 140 lb canvas paper that I gessoed and then added molding paste for texture. I have never done a landscape with molding paste. I am becoming a big fan of it though! This was from a sketch I did and upon painting it took a life of its own. I was stumped on the colors but in the end I like how it turned out.

I have to ask for those of you who use canvas paper . . . how do you keep it from bubbling while you paint. I added gesso hoping that would prevent it from happening but it still did. I am wondering if I didn't use enough? Or does this just happen with canvas paper?


  1. Can't answer your question. I don't paint...except with words. But I can tell you...It's beautiful! :-)

  2. Beautiful feels like a space of enchantment where a magical adventure may unfold!

    I have never used canvas paper..sounds cool! maybe it has to be mounted first?..or adhered to a surface or framed in order for it to remain stretched and still? I am not sure!! best wishes! I have seen some who mount a watercolor paper onto a board by gluing it..then using it when dry. Hope you find out!

    Happy Creating..

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  4. Oooh I especially like this one... It looks almost as if I could open that little door marked for love and hop right into the painting!

    Thanks for stopping by my Soggy Dog Blog... I am trying to get back into the swing of things, blogging again.... I need 28 hours a day, 24 is NOT enough... xoxo take care! - Kim

  5. I love how you did the rolling hills. It's really quite good Cathy. Scenery is not one of my favorites to do because the lay of the land. I just don't get it. Yours is excellent. Great work. Have a great weekend holiday.

  6. Hi Cathy,
    WOW! You're on a roll! Isn't it amazing when you can create non-stop? Keep it up!
    Are you working on a portfolio? Or are all these paintings for a future exhibit?

  7. You're on a roll girl....the colors are beautiful and the picture looks like it could be a children's book...


  8. Thanks again ladies!

    Hi Claudia, Thanks! I feel like I am on a roll! I hope I can keep it up! I am so new at this that I haven't even thought about a portfolio! But it would be wonderful someday to exhibit my artwork! Thanks for the encouragement! :)