Friday, September 17, 2010

Let The Sun Shine . . . She's Painted!

Let the Sun Shine . . .
8x10 mixed media on canvas board

Thanks for all of your lovely comments on yesterday's post! I will be starting on the new sketch for this weeks challenge soon and am excited to see how I do with it.

So I finally had a chance to get my recent angel sketch on canvas. I did the background a few days ago and actually thought it made a pretty good landscape on its own! Yesterday I transferred the sketch and the only color I debated was her clothes. Originally I used folk art italian sage but then changed it to white. I almost switched her to another color because I was unsure of the white but left it alone!

Hope you like her!


  1. i will,
    i am
    letting that sun
    dear creation here!

  2. Beautiful! Love the background colors with her!

  3. i think she's perfect......and such a perfect message shining through that sweet sunshine!!! so glad you're having lots of creative fun.....enjoy your weekend!! xox, :))
    p.s. LOVE your sketch from the last go girl!!!

  4. Awesome Cathy, totally awesome. Wow, it just speaks to you. You keep getting better and better. The colors are perfect for the painting. She definitely looks as though the sun is shining into her soul. Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi Cathy,
    Great to see you're on a roll! I love the titles you choose for your paintings. You should go for an "Angel portfolio". Are you going to have an exhibition? you should. My friend is a painter in NY and he recently had one at a coffee shop and one at a frame shop and it went well. I know you said you're shy but perhpas one of your outgoing friends can help you with the "marketing" ;)

  6. you are painting yourself into my heart dear sweet artist.
    look at you go!

  7. She is gorgeous! I'm loving the colours you have chosen, you've managed to create such a warm glow! She is perfect!

  8. cathy, she is so sweet and warm!! keep it up, with each painting i see you grow so much!

  9. @ Nicola . . . Thanks! I am glad I got her to glow! :)

    @ Claudia . . . Thanks yet again for your encouragement on the portfolio idea! I do love angels! They are a big inspiration as you can see! ;) Would love to hear more about your friend's art show in NY. That is where I am. Email me!