Sunday, August 5, 2012

Turning a WIP Collage Into Cool Photo Art

I started collaging an old canvas board with torn up pieces of my NYC photography.  Typically I do not enjoy collage.  It frustrates me.  But for some reason I really got lost in ripping and gluing these pieces down with no thought to placement at all.  I try to remember to take photos during the progress of my pieces and did so with this.  What I did not expect however was to find a really cool image.  I shot this at an angle just playing around with my iPhone and loved what I saw!

I then took it a step further and put the image in the 'be funky' app which has some cool borders.  I also grunted it up a bit so it would have a more distressed antique look.  

Yesterday I printed it out and think I will hang it up!  You never know where an image can take you.  Even something as simple as a photo of your WIP.  Try it sometime!!  I would love to see what you create!!