Thursday, August 9, 2012

Playing With Fluids and A Spray Bottle . . .

Last night before I went to bed I decided I wanted to try a little something.  I typically avoid creating late at night despite the fact that I do some of my best work at that time.  But I have been reading Flora Bowley's book "Brave Intuitive You" and wanted to try some things I learned.  

I don't often use fluid acrylics.  I do use golden heavy body and have a few of their fluids but not many.  I remembered that I had a sample set of them I bought about a year ago and grabbed two colors I never use. . . quin magenta and phalto green (blue shade).  I had a 6x8 canvas panel laying around so I grabbed that and randomly dropped some paint onto it.  I used my fingers to smear it around and couldn't believe how striking the colors were.  So deep and rich.  I grabbed a spray bottle of water, held it close to the panel and sprayed.  And I smiled.  I just sooo love drips!

I didn't want to walk away and go to bed but I did.  Not sure where I will go with this but wow it was fun and I love the colors!  So out of my comfort zone.  I can see a flower in the top right of the canvas.  I may become a bit attached to it. 

I have been wanting to take Flora's online class.  It has been on my workshop wish list.  Have any of you taken it?  

So I am not sure where I will go with this but in the meantime I found a 16x20 canvas that had a landscape started on it but I am thinking that its time for something new.  I may just start adding some fluids and spraying away with that water again!


  1. Wow, I agree, beautiful colors! This is lovely - I am itching to paint again. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love the bursting colour in can see how much fun you were it!

  3. Gorgeous!! Those colors are amazing - and I love the spontaneity of the piece! Can't wait to see more!! Love, Silke

  4. Looking good Cathy. I took Flora's ecourse. It was brilliant. :D

  5. Love all these layers! :) I prefer liquid acrylics myself but they ar very pricey. :)