Monday, August 13, 2012

And She Appears . . .

Continuing along my current obsession, using fluids and a spray bottle to create abstracts I grabbed a small 8x8 canvas this time and tried some different colors.  (I have to admit that having used that 16x20 this felt way too small!)  I originally used my favorites, payne's gray and burnt sienna, but HATED the result.  So after that dried I decided to use colors I typically do not like at all, red and yellow.  Actually it was magenta and yellow.  I wasn't sure what would happen painting over the darker background but I feel like it gave some nice depth to the piece.  

I smeared the paint around with my hands and then just started spraying.  It is so cool and weird to me how sometimes things just appear when you are working so randomly.  I do not pay attention to where I am spraying.  I didn't notice the figure until I went back and looked at the canvas when it had dried.  I was surprised to see what looks like the side profile of an image (in yellow) with water dripping from the forehead. I also see a bare shoulder with a drape over it as well.  

I am curious to know. . . 

Do you see what I see??


  1. LOVE these colors, girl and LOVE that you are doing abstract! xo

  2. i can see the image also...i love it when it just happens don't you? i really like your abstract paintings..

  3. Oh wow I do see her! This is terrific Cathy, I can't take my eyes from it. A very special piece and love the colors.