Thursday, August 2, 2012

Art + IPhone = Cool!

The other night I created a simple journal page.  I grabbed my sharpie and did some quick writing all over the page which felt quite freeing!   And then I added some watercolors over it in shades of purple and pink.  I sprayed some water on it, then pulled some away with a paper towel because  love the droplet effects that you can see in the above photo.  

I find myself using only my iPhone to snap shots of my artwork.  It is just so convenient.  So much so that my Canon  DSLR  is collecting dust.  Anyway I took an image of my journal page, put it in one of the iPhone apps, and the above image is the result.  And I love it !!  I am thinking about framing it to hang up in my living room.  I am always altering my photography but it was super cool to alter an image of my artwork.  

I then took it a step further . . . 

I created this 6x8 mixed media piece with the same image.   It was quick and super fun to create!!  I used techniques I am learning in Julie Prichard's "Mixed Media Variety Hour" online workshop.  You can check out the details HERE ! Now is a great time to sign up because she just announced a sale on all of the workshops offered over at her ning site The Land Of  Lost Luggage.  

I will be back tomorrow for Paint Party Friday!

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