Sunday, February 6, 2011

Out of the Darkness . . . Scratching Up My Sketches

Out of the Darkness
mixed media on 8x10 canvas board

You may recall this face from a previous post. For this piece I printed out one of my sketches on matte photo paper and altered it with sandpaper and ink. Then I used water color crayon to do shading on her face and hair. I added some molding paste for texture and to incorporate her into the background. I love the chalkiness of black gesso. I toyed with a few things for the background details. First I sketched out a tree to the right of her but wasn't sure (you can still see it lightly sketched in white crayon) In the end as you can see I went with some butterflies that I stamped on with white gesso. I also used some micaceous iron oxide around the edges because I like the sparkles. Unfortunately the photo doesn't convey the texture or sparkle too well. She looks better in person!

I really liked altering a photo of one of my sketches. I had fun making her look a bit goth and grungy. I may just have to do another!


  1. I love you Cathy and wanted to tell you that! Thank you for teaching us the art of possibilities, and sharing your life and love with your friends... and the world!

  2. I love the butterflies all around her...And I can attest to the fact that your paintings look even prettier in person! :-)

  3. Loving the butterflies also. Very pretty! I like all the black too!

  4. Your works are always exciting, very good!
    Ciao Cathy!
    A hug!

  5. She scares me just a little big... ;-), but then the butterflies sort of take the scary out of the painting. Fun, fun, fun!! I love how her eye sparkles... Love, Silke

  6. I meant, of course, that she scares me a little bit - not big... I really should spellcheck before I post these...

  7. hi cathy,

    she has a erie feeling to her, i see you painting away your emotions/experiences from your life and i love your bravery!

    keep it up, art with emotion is the very best kind! xo to you my sweet friend!

  8. Cathy;
    Your work continues to amaze me, it is growing deeper and more beautiful with each piece. I am so happy to be the proud owner of an original, which I love looking at daily! Hope all is well with you and thank you again for the continued inspiration.
    Love and Hugs
    Donna Wynn

  9. Hi Cathy I love this one in black and white, excellent!! xx

  10. Gorgeous ..darkly gothic and beautiful..a kindred!

  11. Love her Cathy! I have black gesso and haven't tried it yet and I also have the micaceous iron oxide--I really need to use the supplies that I have! And what a great idea--to print out your paintings on photo paper and grunge them up a bit--I love that idea!