Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daydreaming . . . A New Painting!

mixed media on 6x8 canvas board

You may remember this photo from a wordless Wednesday post I did a couple of weeks ago. I had it laying around cut and ready to be scratched up but didn't get back to it until yesterday morning. The canvas board I used was an old painting I did last year that I didn't like. It was covered in molding paste so I sanded it down to get rid of the peaks and applied black gesso over it.

I titled it daydreaming because that is what it looks like to me . . . a place to go sit and dream away. This photo was taken in Rhode Island at one of my favorite places. Yesterday for Valentine's Day my hubby surprised me with a planned weekend away next month in RI at our favorite beach cottage. We haven't been away anywhere in a couple of years. I can hear the ocean calling me already!


  1. It's beautiful, Cathy! What a sweet & thoughtful hubby....enjoy your getaway!
    Hugs, Diane

  2. Nice. I like the small piece in the upper right corner to balance the lower photo.
    Sepia against the neutral is very good too~~I love seeing how you incorporate photos into the mixed media!


  3. I think it works really well, Cathy!! Great job!!

  4. Wow. My absolute favourite so far! Love it!

  5. Beautiful this composition is harmonious!

    Ciao my friend!

  6. beautiful cathy, you keep amazing me!

  7. This is amazing. I love it and the piece in the upper right corner really gives it a lot of depth. It is a calming picture. Have fun on your getaway.

  8. Cathy; this is amazing! It really takes me in the piece! We must be both dreaming today :) Have a great day! xxoo

  9. I love the way you daydream......great job....
    What a sweet man to plan this trip for the two of you......

  10. I love this Cathy--one of my favorites!!
    And I love your Valentine's present--wonderful!!