Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Take Me Home . . . Something New I Tried

Take Me Home
8x10 mixed media on canvas board

I have to admit I almost didn't post her. She started out as a sketch and then I had to paint her. This is the first time I have tried one of my faces/figure onto a landscape background. I like how the background came out and am warming up to her slowly!

I am still finding my way. Trying to find my own style and what I like. It is hard when I try something new. That is when I can be most critical of my work. Have any of you felt that way when you go in a different direction for a piece of art?


  1. absolutely Cathy!

    i just completed a piece that is VERY different from what i typically do. my children seem to love it and are fighting over who gets it....so i am hoping that is a good sign. i am not sure i will post on my blog....have to think about it!

    i love your sweet girl and the landscape she is enveloped in. the sweet little house on the hill is calling out to me! and my advice is keep painting...keep creating....your style will come to you!!

    happy tuesday

  2. I think if you have a creative mind, this kind of thing is part of the process...I really like her, and I like the door off in the horizon. A door with good things to look forward to when you open it! Go ahead... open it! ^_^

  3. All the time Cathy. I think it is great! She looks very determined. You are doing wonderful. The colors are great too. The important thing is fun, fun, fun. Have a great day and keep on painting.

  4. It's how I feel most of the time. I am still finding a style or brand for my work and I feel pretty lost with it all most of the time.

    That is so gorgeous - your piece here. She is very sweet! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! ♥

  5. oh this is wonderful Cathy!!! I love her....and so wonderful to meet you!!! thank you for popping by and I look forward to seeing more of your work!!!

  6. Thanks to all of you lovely ladies for your encouragement and kind words! It really helps to know I am not alone in my feelings!

    Welcome to Michele and Diana!! So glad you are here too!

    I am excited that all of you like her! :)